Here at ConfiaRH, we help you to find the right applicants and offer you support with any individual step in the recruitment process, or even with the entire process.

HR & Recruitment

The goal: to find a person with the right profile for the vacancy that needs filling. And to do so within an efficient framework that also takes account of the human aspects.

The following four steps in the application process will help you to bring it to a successful conclusion. Our customers can choose "à la carte" which steps they would like us to help them with – whether they only need assistance with one step or are looking for a complete solution, we are always there to help.

Personnel requirement - HR & Recruitment

Personnel requirement

What job profile do you want to fill?

We work with you to determine and define your exact personnel requirement and draw up a precise job profile so that we can ensure an effective search.

Staff development also plays an increasingly important role nowadays. We would be happy to carry out a profile analysis and to put together the perfect team, with personalities and skills that complement one another.

Sourcing - HR & Recruitment


Where should I look for suitable candidates?

This will depend on the job profile in question, but there are many different platforms and advertising media. The sector in question will play an important role, as will the language and various other factors.

ConfiaRH has a wide range of resources and methods that we can use to ensure that you are using the best channels for your job ad. We can also help our customers with the text and graphics of their job ads.

Screening applicants - HR & Recruitment

Screening applicants

How do I select the most suitable candidates?

Once you have published details of the job profile for your vacancy, any applications that are received should be dealt with as quickly as possible. We use application screening to help us make the right decisions when making an initial selection of candidates.

We rank the applicants on the basis of the job profile for the vacancy in question and then share our recommendations with you. Telephone screening of the most interesting candidates can often be helpful and we can prepare for this and also carry it out on your behalf.

Interviews - HR & Recruitment


How do I conduct an effective job interview?

Holding one-to-one interviews with potential candidates is one of the final stages in the recruitment process. In this step, we can take care of everything, from contacting the candidates and organising the interviews through to providing support during the interview and making the final decision.

We also offer the option of carrying out an analysis of the behavioural preferences of the candidates.

ConfiaRH, your personal recruitment partner

  • Partner Matters concerning your staff need to be kept confidential. As your personal partner and advisor, we make wholehearted efforts to ensure that your requirements are met.
  • Flexibility We can adjust our approach to fit in with your situation and your needs, and we offer you support in precisely those areas where our professional expertise is needed most.
  • Complete solution or "à la carte" You can hand over the entire recruitment process to us or just certain steps.
  • Broad spectrum Thanks to our broad range of experience, we are able to provide professional support and guidance to many different sectors.
  • Multilingualism As a partner to a number of international companies, we can work with you in your own language without any issues (French, German, Luxembourgish or English).

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